"Blogshop" dedicated to copyright law in Budapest


The Media Governance and Industries Research Lab of the University of Vienna is co-organising a 'Blogshop' on 6 October, 2017 to be held in Budapest together with the Copy21 blog dedicated to copyright law (www.copy21.com).

This will be the second event of its kind, hosting presentations in a length of blog posts (ca. 10 minutes). The Blogshop will be dedicated to P2P file-sharing that celebrates its 18th anniversary this year and entering adultery as a significant disruptive technological change in copyright governance.

On the details of the event and on the application to present please consult this link for the Call for Papers (only in Hungarian). The event will be hosted at the Hungarian Bar Association's ceremonial hall in Budapest. The event is also co-sponsored by the Pázmány Péter Catholic University and the Hungarian Lawyers' Association.

We are looking forward to your successful application.