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The following are the research projects we are currently working on:

Communication Governance and Control: Challenges to Democracies


This is a project exploring five dimensions of communication and media governance as technologies of control: the conditions of ownership and accompanying policies, conditions of labour and labouring  (productive) leisure in digital media, privacy policies designed by private social media, copyright laws in digital content and silencing technologies. The project identifies, maps, and juxtaposes existing and emerging conditions for the conditioning of citizens-users’ behaviours and the regularisation of new forms of intrusion in personal and social lives. The project is being developed as a book, contracted with Palgrave for 2013.

Together at the Same Place: Policies of National Times and Spaces.

Nation-states are still influential units in the current world. Their centrality in politics and economic structures is complemented by a strong influence in the social and cultural imaginaries. Their capacity of remaining present in the collective imaginary is enhanced by policies, which reinforce beliefs of commonality, cultural belonging and shared identity. The idea of the nation however generates a form of necessary social cohesion and the solidarity between individuals that can only be granted if there is an ‘appropriate’ fundamental narrative of community. On the other hand, this same narrative works often as a device for discrimination of non-members of that imagined community. This project studies the ways in which national discourses are re/produced, enhanced and institutionalized by policies and means that intervene particularly in

A. forms of organisation of time: i) history, calendars, everyday rhythms, and in ii) forms of understanding the collective future or the collective past;

B. forms of organisation of space: symbolic places, centers of reference and peripheries of exclusion, proximities and distances, maps, and infrastructures; and

C. forms of connecting characters, humans or institutional entities that earned the role of representing the nation and embodying it. These are historical heroes, politicians, sportsmen and sportswomen, national teams, national inventions, national technologies, authors, artists, poets, painters; or musicians.

Cultural Governance in Times of Crisis


This developing strand explores changes in the Governance of the Cultural (and Media)  Industries in the context of economic, social and political crises. A comparative analysis of European, North and South American cases is applied in this work with the aim to identify emerging trends and shifting patterns of Cultural Governance. That way, the transformation of assumptions not only about the role of cultural policy-making is examined, but also the concept of the nation state as a core political actor, the conditions of democratic dialogue, the political demands and goals of diversity and creativity as a reaction to nationally, regionally and globally experienced crises.

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