Alexandros Georgoulis, MSc

PhD Candidate at the Department of Communication

Supervisor: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Katharine Sarikakis

Alex is part of OLIve – The Open Learning Initiative Programme

Alex is researching media representations of accused persons and suspects in the EU. He aims to evaluate the extent, sources and targets of prejudicial pretrial publicity and ultimately to throw light on its causes. Keenly aware of the grip competition between media organizations has on journalistic standards, as well as of the persistence of sexist and racist discourses in the media, he will also look into links with notions of justice as deterrence or retribution. His research is supervised by Professor Sarikakis.

Alex holds a master's degree in European spatial planning and environmental policies from Cardiff University and Radbound University. His thesis was a discourse analysis of representations of a policy instrument (biodiversity offsetting). He has worked as a geographical information systems (GIS) analyst in the private sector as well as in the ministry of Environment of Greece. Recently he served as a consultant to the Greek government on environmental and waste policy. He has also lived and studied in the Netherlands, the UK, and Belgium.