Beatrice Giuncaioli, BA




She is Beatrice Giuncaioli, student of Communication Science and BA in Public Relations, from Trieste – Italy, hometown of the Italian writer Italo Svevo and favorite spot of James Joyce. Although, besides her studies and her nationality, recently she rediscovered the passion for piano playing, after years spent playing the only song she remembered. Put this aside, the research field yelled at her while writing her bachelor thesis opening a pandora vase and pushing her to pursue an interesting master mainly focused on it: here she can finally expand her knowledge and share with others her interests in such a fascinating domain as the one of social sciences is. One of the main interests is European Integration which arouse her curiosity around the processes aimed at creating a bridge between the various cultural shades which coexist together under a single Union and finding a way to highlight each of their best qualities. In the meantime, she is currently working as Student Assistant for Professor Sarikakis and Intern in Corporate Communications.