Rahsan Cakir, PhD

Finished her PhD at the University of Vienna, Department of Communication.


Rahsan Eylem Cakir finished her PhD at the University of Vienna, Department of Communication, writing her dissertation under the supervision of Professor Wolfgang Duchkowich. Her main research focus is Intercultural communication: Challenges for Women with Turkish Migration Biographies in Context of the Austrian Work Environment with focus of: how does intercultural communication shape up for women with migration biographies in the context of the working world in Austria and what challenges, barriers and prejudices do they face? She earned her Magister in University of Vienna with, Department of Communication and Media Science in Combination with Political Science under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Karmasin with a thesis of “The influence of cultures on the Perception of television commercial”. Since then, she has worked in communication, PR and Marketing consultancy and in non-profit sectors in Vienna for “Migration and Integration” Projects.