Grete-Liina Roosve, BA


It all started with an old camera, a stack of papers and a desk in a 7 years-old girls’ room. That is when Grete-Liina Roosve and her brother started making mock TV news’ shows which sparked Grete’s interest in journalism and society. Now she has finished her Bachelor’s studies in Journalism and Economics, worked as a journalist for the Estonian Public Broadcasting, traveled the world and danced her shoes off to focus on research at the University of Vienna. Her brother on the other hand has become an AI attorney. Having lived in three European countries, Grete believes that the cooperation and sharing experiences between different EU states can better the living quality for all Europeans. She can speak three European languages: Estonian, English, and a bit of French plus she is learning German and she can also speak some Russian. From her travels she has also collected bits and pieces of Spanish and Italian.