Announcement: Public defensio of Deniz Özalpman, MA


Deniz will be defending her dissertation, supervised by Professor Sarikakis, on December 17, 2018.

Deniz' thesis deals with "Global audiences as interpretative communities: An investigation of global audiences of the Turkish television drama series 'Magnificent Century'". Her public defensio will take place at the department's building (Währinger Straße 29) from 4pm (Room: 7.33).

Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that three doctoral students, all supervised by Professor Sarikakis, have recently finished their doctoral studies and graduated (in alphabetical order):

  • Dr. Helia Asgari
    Title of PhD thesis: Media governance from below: An investigation into practices of circumvention of/and information control in Iran
  • Dr. Muhammad Usman Khan
    Title of PhD thesis: Diversity in media policy: Principles, processes and challenges in Pakistan
  • Krisztina Rozgonyi, Ph.D., JD, MBA
    Title of PhD thesis: The governance of spectrum – Towards good media governance

Congratulations, Helia, Usman and Krisztina!