Round Table: Children and informational rights in Europe

15.02.2022 11:28 - 25.10.2022 16:53

FREuDe is hosting a special Round Table at the GIG-ARTS22 in Cyprus during April 13-14 2022!

FREuDe is hosting a special Round Table of stakeholders in Europe on the governance of children’s and youth’s informational rights at the GIG-ARTS22 in Cyprus:

Children and informational rights in Europe

They are at the forefront of technological adoption and continue constituting the largest and fastest growing user-public of global media platforms, this way cementing a future consumer base for digital communication services and products. Yet, youth and in particular children are only recently the focus of policy which aims to prioritise their informational rights as a matter of a larger cartography of digital rights and human rights. The Round Table explores the nexus of communication and control on children’s lives as they are both users-consumers as well as, importantly, emerging and young citizens. What are the challenges to children’s human rights in the digital realm and what are the implications for European democracies?

Chair: Katharine Sarikakis, Professor of Communication Science and Director of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence FREuDe, University of Vienna, Austria

- Loreto Corredoira, Professor of Communication Law, Complutense University Madrid, Spain
- Stavros Parlalis, Assistant Professor, Frederick University, Cyprus
- Friso Roscam Abbing, Adviser on Communication, EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Vienna, Austria

Find the programme for GIG-ARTS' 2022 here.