REBOOT aims to connect the existing strengths, identify and overcome weaknesses and plan for future competitiveness in the fields of policy, practice and experience. More concretely, the project’s objectives are, on the one hand, to explore the long-standing strengths and pervasive gaps in European competitiveness and policies for competitiveness This includes ways of ‘measuring’ ‘analysing’ and ‘evaluating’ the impact of policies and strategic pathways. On the other hand, the project aspires to place attention to the active preparation for the future in the area of audiences by exploring audience preferences and their generation, as well as modes of film content production. The latter are elements which today’s youth will carry and engage with in the coming decades as makers and consumers, as well as industry and policy leaders. Therefore, the consortium interrogates not only the ‘what is’ but also the ‘what has been’ and ‘what will be’ with fresh lenses.

REBOOT's ambition is to provide a full set of knowledge of the European film industry, which maximises its existing strengths, combined with strategic and tactical dimensions of action for the optimisation of the potential held in European youth publics, understood both as emerging audiences and as citizens Specifically, the ambition of the project combines several dimensions, which reinforce each other but are listed separately for analytical purposes (and in no particular order): a) increasing support for young people’s engagement with European film; b) strengthening the place of the EU in the global audiovisual economy, particularly in light of the rise of video on demand (VOD); c) supporting cultural diversity in the EU film industry; d) addressing the need for a different understanding of competitiveness and relevant indicators in this context; and e) recognising and supporting the importance for the EU of film and, more broadly, of the cultural and creative sector as a geopolitical asset.

REBOOT - Reviving, Boosting, Optimising and Transforming European Film Competitiveness


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Expected Outcomes

  • New knowledge on the needs and developments of the EFI, including its various sub-sectors of pre-production, production, post-production and distribution.
  • Increase further the competitiveness of the EFI in the international arena.
  • Provide evidence of the users/viewers preferences on filmmaking, as well as limitations to identifying their preferences, in order to widen and diversify audiences.
  • Promote European cultural activity and cultural diversity.

Kick-Off Meeting

06. - 08. March 2023

The Kick-Off Meeting was held in Vienna with 23 consortium participants in person and 14 joined online.

Kick-Off Meeting