SIR: Media Report Greece

SIR: Presumption of Innocence - Media Report Greece


Participating at the European research examining how media represent
criminal cases, the Greek team examined and presented the Greek
legislation. Furthermore, we examined how Greek and European laws affect
the professional journalistic codes of ethics of the Union of Athens
newspaper editors, which are commonly accepted. We came to conclude that
prejudice directly affects how a subject is presented and so accusations
are made in the form of a conviction. The public opinion is influenced
and forms a certain opinion, while excessive tones tend to justify
reporting as a matter of great public interest, as a result of publicity
serving the public interest.
At the national report we also presenting how financial crisis shaped
the media landscape and the reasons for the choices of which media
companies should be coded. We were extremely watchful to choose Media
companies that represent every category of distribution, circulation,
and influence, as well as ownership and its features. The dynamics of
these Media Companies were taken into consideration, their capacity to
influence other Media and their reporters. Last but not least these
Media were chosen in our survey because each one of them was very close
to complete its digital transformation and offering completed choice to
the public.

We did this despite the fact that during the survey, many Media
companies changed ownership and video licenses were given to new
players, and, at a slow pace, innovative on-demand TV selections such as
over the top TV and Hybrid TV began to appear by public media for free.

Lastly, we examined which Media Companies are trying to follow trends in
public opinion and refocus their goals, as well as which remain stable
in their approaches. This criterion is related to the social change that
takes place in the years of the crisis.
Under these circumstances, at first, the Media Companies were chosen,
and not randomly from the stand - depending on the content each time -
to the research to represent all categories, apart from the classical
separation (print, web, tv) or secondary one(media groups or pure
players - ratings).

At the final part of national report, we presenting the findings from
the coding procedure. We are presenting general findings, bad practices
findings (Clickbait Titles, etc.), issues with character’s
representation. Stories involving politicians who have legal issues to
deal with, appear to be a category. These cases are dealt with the main
criterion the political orientation served by each medium.