Krisztina Rozgonyi at 13th Media Law Summer School in Kiev


Krisztina is invited to act as a lecturer during this year's summer school in Kiev, Ukraine.

The project "Freedom of Media in Ukraine" is conducted within the framework of the Joint CoE/EU Eastern Partnership Programmatic Cooperation Framework (PCF). The project "aims to support greater freedom of expression and promote reforms in the sphere of media in Ukraine by providing expert assistance to improve the capacity of the media regulator, promoting and empowering the community media, supporting communal printed media reform."

In the framework of this project the 13th Media Law Summer School will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine from July 10-28, 2017. Krisztina is invited to give several lectures on the following topics:

  • AVS Regulation
    Basic principles
  • Copyright in the Internet
    Current trends regarding regulation of copyright at the supranational level, copyright management, copyright in the Internet, licensing of copyrights
  • New Media Regulation
    Basic principles